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Jan 30 Intro to Roping Level 1 Class
Feb 6 Intro to Roping Level 2 Class
Feb 13 Intro to Roping Level 3 Class
For those of you who have been awaiting our 2021 clinic schedule, we will be offering something new this year instead! We are hoping it will be a better fit for everyone, more accommodating for people to plan, and more advantageous for progressing you and your horse.

Starting in March and April, every available Friday and Saturday will have "a la carte group lessons". When shows start up in May, they may not be available for every weekend, but we will offer whenever we can throughout the year. We felt by offering more sessions on more days it would be more convenient for you. The group setting, as with clinics, helps riders to learn from not just their own instruction, but from that of others. This will also have the feel of a show when you are practicing patterns, with a little added pressure of your peers watching you run a pattern one at a time!

These group lessons will be limited to 6 participants, and must be registered and paid for in advance. Do as little or as much as you feel comfortable with!
~Fridays 2pm-5pm will focus on Ranch Rail Pleasure and Ranch Trail. Fee is $100
~Saturdays 9am-12pm will focus on cow work. Fee is $120
~Saturdays 2pm-5pm will focus on Ranch Riding and Ranch Reining. Fee is $100

You will be able to email or call each week to reserve your spot (more advance notice if you can will ensure your spot). Because spots are limited, fees will be non refundable in most situations. Stalls will be available for those wanting to overnight. For those wanting to reserve a weekend with just your own group, that can also be arranged.


***For the East Coast Stock Horse Assocation show schedule, click here.***


Contact us about our Clinic Host Incentive Program if you are interested in hosting a clinic in your area.


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