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Virginia Horse Festival
March 23-25, 2018






The Virginia Horse Festival will be held March 23-25, 2018 at The Meadow Event Park in Caroline County, VA.

  Cornerstone Horsemanship Demos: (final schedule subject to change via VHF management)

Friday 3/23 3:30pm -DEMONSTRATING THE COURSE FOR THE PERFORMANCE TRAIL CHALLENGE- Using the course for the Performance Trail Challenge that will follow to understand the importance of a good handle on your competitive trail horse.  Learn smooth, efficient approach & execution of obstacles to maximize your scores.

Sunday 3/25 (2:00 to 3:30) RANCH RIDING-Tune up your ranch riding and versatility horse with clear aids and precise cues in transitions, lead changes, stops, and spins. Last half hour will be Q & A from audience.

We will also be offering Sunday morning church service at 10:00 am thru our Horsemen's International Ministry.

***Special Event***

Cornerstone Horsemanship
Performance Trail Challenge

The Cornerstone Horsemanship Performance Trail Challenge, held during the 2018 Virginia Horse Festival, is a special event consisting of maneuvers and obstacles. The Performance Trail Challenge is intended to reflect the versatility, attitude and movement of a working horse in the task of performing a designated pattern. The Performance Trail Challenge will test the horse and rider's partnership and abilities while engaging obstacles and performing required maneuvers.

Contestants will use their judgment on how best to complete the obstacles and the overall course in order to finish the Challenge within the 5 minute time limit. However, the judging is based on precision, not speed. An uncompleted course will not disqualify the horse/rider team, but all obstacles and maneuvers must be attempted.   The main objective of the Performance Trail Challenge is to display the horse's ability to work at a forward working speed, completing the course with accuracy, ease, smoothness, responsiveness, and control.

There will be 2 preliminary goes for contestants to choose from (Friday afternoon or Saturday morning), with the top ten returning for the finals on Saturday evening.  Entries are limited, and must preregister.  Sign up now to compete for great prizes!

Cornerstone Horsemanship Performance Trail Challenge 1st go  5:00pm 7:00pm Friday in ring #1

Cornerstone Horsemanship Performance Trail Challenge 2nd go  10:00am Noon Saturday in ring #1

Cornerstone Horsemanship Performance Trail Challenge Finals  5:00pm 7:00pm Saturday in the covered arena

E-mail us for complete rules and entry information.


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