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Clinic Host Program







The Clinic Host Incentive Program is designed to benefit the host both in monetary value and name recognition to the facility that is being used!

How it works-In a Contract Clinic the host pays Cornerstone Horsemanship a fixed appearance fee plus travel expenses.  The host, which can be a group or individual, then determines how many people they wish to have participate (maximum set by Cornerstone based on arena size) and how many days.  The host sets the price for auditors and each participant according to their budget. 

Clinics can be tailored to meet the needs of the group-from General Horsemanship, Cattle Clinics, Preschool for Young Horses, Despooking/Obstacles, to Advanced Riders in any discipline.  Also available are the new "crossover clinics" for those English riders who want to familiarize themselves with the many details of "western" events, terms, tack, and shows.

Name recognition for host facility ~ Build customer relationships ~ Better relationships with horses ~ Attract a client base ~ Safer horses ~ Share the profits ~ Problem solving

Cost for Clinics-There are a variety of fees and expenses for the various clinics offered. Total package will depend on topic(s) and number of days. There is a non refundable date reservation fee.

Please contact us directly through email or by phone to discuss the clinic you wish to host/sponsor.


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