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Geared towards riders wanting to compete in Ranch Horse classes and Stock Horse competitions.
Classes addressed will include Ranch Rail Pleasure, Ranch Riding (patterns), Ranch Trail, and Ranch Reining.

*Working on steady gaits and smooth transitions.
*Addressing specific maneuvers such as the stop, sidepass, and spins.
*Dealing with lead changes and refining transitions & steering.
*Understanding your warm up and executing patterns
*Practice smooth, efficient approach & execution of obstacles
*Discussion on the elements of a good ranch/stock horse and proper equipment
*Emphasis on good horsemanship & well rounded, dependable horses
*How to maximize scores through presentation and precision

Clinic will begin at 9:00 A.M.  Cost for participants is $150. PARTICIPATION SPOTS FULL!!

Non-participants are welcome to come and observe at no charge.
Registration is required for participants. 

Email cornerstonehorsemanship@gmail.com or call 540-292-5213


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